Testimonials and Reviews

Let me start by saying that I have already recommended this company to 5 friends.

I’ve been really sceptical about buying online, as I’m sure everyone is. After taking the plunge and deciding to go ahead with my order I was pleasantly surprised when I received the package a few days later (ordered on friday and weekend deliveries are slow)

As they say, presentation sells. Not even only did the product look great but I was also happy to show off the packaging to friends.

Overall the quality was great and upon request I was even sent lab test results for the products. If you’re as sceptical about placing an order as I was then you’ll be pleased if you do decide to try it out.

p.s. They were nice enough to throw in a small sample with my order 🙂

To the Natural Bliss team

I just want to thank you for an excellent product! I hope you never stop making it! Nothing else that I have tried has helped as much as your cannabis caps! The quality of your product is outstanding! I will order another batch soon. Take care and kind regards.

I have had wonderful results with them. The arthritis pain in my knees was so bad that I could barely walk anymore. Within 10 days after I started using the cannabis caps, the pain in my knees disappeared completely.

I had a mishap last weekend where I lost my footing and fell forward onto my knees. Prior to using the cannabis caps I would not have been able to even get up and would have had to stay in bed for the best part of two weeks before I would’ve been able to walk again. But after my fall, I got up and could walk normally, without ANY PAIN!

I am absolutely overjoyed with the results. My fibromyalgia pain had also been reduced to a much more manageable level. I am certain with continued use the fibromyalgia pain might also disappear completely.

When I visit my doctor again for my 6 monthly diabetic check-up, I will see what the effect of the capsules are on my sugar levels, but I’m confident it will be very positive.


I received everything today, extremely happy with the product and service provided. I will definitely be in touch.

Good day

I’ve received my order, neatly packed, nice container and super awesome flowers, thank you very much. Will definitely order again from you.  I’m a really happy customer.

Best regards.

A+ Product & Service

I just order recently and was surprised with next day delivery. My sleeping difficulties improved within a first week. Thanks for changing my life for better.

My wife uses this as part of her treatment for M.S. These caps have made a huge difference to her overall well being.
No doubt about the quality. And service is quick and efficient.

You guys truly are the pure definition of outstanding customer service. Wish all brands had similar ethics and morals.